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It's a bit ruff...

February 2018

Theme: Discovery


Edward Boylett - Footprints in Tarmac

Jordan Criddle - The Motherload

Kitty Hughes - Living Contraband

Jaimie Leung - Jeneanne's Room

Theme: Paradise


Leah Byrne - Paradise: Canterbury, Sixteen-Eighteen

Kym Frederick - Paradise on Bat Island

Danny Muir - Out of Control

Ross Salvage - End Game

January 2018

October 2017

Theme: Varied


James Humphreys - The Perverse Nature of Joseph Bishop

Liam Kelly - The Way of the World

Allan Neve - Rhymes and Reasons

Sam Rees - A Portrait of the Artist as a Mad Man

December 2017


Kym Frederick - The Trickster

Josh Gasan - Con Man

Danny Muir - Treat Yourself

Othniel Smith - Bambino 

Theme: Trick or Treat


Edward Boylett - Inner Disco

Jordan Criddle - Episode Fifty-Something

Liam Kelly - The Brutus Kiss

Jordan McCarthy - Charity Case

Sam Rees - We Are the Karma Police

Theme: Betrayal

June 2017

Theme: Nativity


Josh Gasan - A Miracle at Christmas

Liam Kelly - The Pitch

Sam Rees - Joseph's a Girl

Katie Ryde - The Annual Project

Freyja Skea - Ho Ho Homeless


Gareth Ford-Elliot - Vegan for Vendetta

Luke Nixon - Dogs Paradise

John Rees - Tell Me About It

Katie Ryde - Soul Mate with Free Shipping

Kelly Siford - Mr. Hardwood Will See You Now

Theme: Ambivalence

February 2017

December 2016

Theme: Patriotism


Danny Muir - Sovereignty

Simon Riordan - Ours is Not to Reason Why

Tobias Weatherburn - Ask Not

November 2017

Theme: Serendipity


Luke Horton - In Need of Hope

Nerida Rose Bradley - Strands

Tony Vale - Sadly Missed

Charlie Walters - 9:15am

September 2017

Theme: Greed


William Graig - Greed

Josh Gasan - Sir

James Humphreys - Glee Tree

Chloe Lloyd - Pennies on the Ground

Freyja Skea - N/A

May 2017

Theme: Temptation


Edward Boylett - Apocalypse Chow

Jack Collins - Le Jardin

Nathan Carson - Self-Control

James Humphreys - The Virtuous

Sam Rees - Seriality

January 2017

Theme: Apocalypse


William Craig - N/A

Gareth Ford-Elliot - Remona the Vampire

Allan Neve - N/A

Callum O'Connell - An Idiot's Guide to Destroying the World

Jaye Swift - Time to Ride

November 2016

Theme: Luck

October 2016

The First


Beth Cook - So You Wanna be a Squatter

Kayleigh Edwards - Cracked

James Humphreys - Who You Know

Liam Kelly - The Shelf Stacker

Sam Rees - Don't Forget the Nutmeg

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